Step Into Your Own Vastness - Infinity Sleeps Within You

Journey's from the Infinite Womb into Sacred Feminine Life

Welcome to Way of Woman.....

My name is Lorna Bailey and I am a Practitioner of Sacred Feminine Consciousness, a Holistic Therapist & Writer. I advocate for Women's Health and Empowerment - with a particular interest in supporting women to grow and thrive after domestic abuse.

The personal and collective wound upon humanity is showing up in the world and in our relationships and our health right now as disfunction, imbalance and pain - as structures and forms begin to change, shift or break down completely. A return to our true nature as Woman is a potent key to our transformation if we are to begin to heal ourselves and each other and bring a softening to the changes that are happening all around us. 

It is time to acknowledge ourselves fully, to remember and recover ourselves on the inside, to journey back within our souls and into the fabric of our physical forms and meet once more the sleeping memory of our Original Self. Our place within the Infinite Womb of the Great Mother is a Timeless place, where all potential for Life exists - when we practice living in balance and harmony with each other and with the rest of Creation a Beauty emerges from this Sacred Womb - the Eternal She is given a space in which to become fully embodied to exist in physical form - once again the Sacred Feminine Essence is emerging and rising from the Deep.

Here at Way of Woman, you will find  tools, guidance and expertise to help you navigate these uncertain times. Changing Woman is all around us, showing up and reminding us that '' In order to Heal, we first must Feel '' - therefore  much of what I offer is Body based practice rooted in the ever present energy of the Earth. 

Gaia - our true Mother is always here for us, supporting & nourishing us,

for it is the mud of this Earth that makes up the clay of our bodies - and it is to this Earth that we belong.


Training and Bio - the story so far


I began my formal training at the SMAE Institute, Maidenhead in Foot Health Care. The medical training here served as a valuable platform to learn about  human anatomy and physiology and I went on to build a business for myself in my early 20s as a community based visiting chiropodist. My life long interest in healthcare took root because my mother had lived with Multiple Sclerosis since before I was born -  the desire to help alleviate the suffering that I witnessed as I grew up played a big part in my moving into the Healing Fields.

I had also inherited my matrilineal great grandmother's gift for clairvoyance.

She was a platform medium at the turn of the century when it was still considered illegal to practice these arts. Here in England the Witchcraft Act of 1735 was still in place and although women were no longer dying for revealing their Craft they could still be imprisoned. I often wondered what her life must have felt like during that era, to be a woman & a spiritwalker - a mediator between worlds during a time when the spiritualist movement and the country was undergoing massive change. My connection to her deepened when I started a 2 year training programme at The College of Psychic Studies in London in the early 1990's. Here my focus shifted to learning about the human energetic anatomy, how to connect into Source energy, how to quiet the Mind and experience becoming a conduit for Spirit and how to work within the unseen planes of our existence.


My Calling to serve humanity along with a deep yearning to live beyond the urban jungles of South East London where I grew up, took me then up into the high desert mountains of New Mexico USA. There I began an intensive 6 year apprenticeship with a traditional native american medicine man, living communally and as part of a sisterhood of other medicine women. I studied and learnt about the earth based roots that hold all indigenous people together and began to see life and to live life from an unveiled place. 

When I returned from the mountain I was approached to teach earth based spirituality courses as part of the Adult Community Learning programme here in Suffolk and trained as a Massage Therapist so that I could offer massage therapy to my clients as well as being to incorporate other aspects of my background experience as a Bodyworker. This has developed into a healing modality which I call  Body Sense

My immersion in the sacred feminine medicine traditions places me in a unique position to offer insight and support to women on their own healing journeys. - through my courses, workshops and community circles I offer sacred spaces which honour Body, Mind and Spirit..