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Body Sense Massage Therapy & Holistic Bodywork

Balancing Body Mind and Soul

I developed Body Sense to offer clients a way to experience full spectrum holistic treatments that encompass wider aspects of the human energy field. The benefits of Massage Therapy and Bodywork are far reaching for improving health and well being. Body Sense offers healing pathways into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of the Self an innate Body intelligence.


'' Lorna provides an intuitive blend of positive energies and techniques that target the healing of a body, mind and spirit worn down by the stresses of modern life. A four dimensional experience ! ''

A Waring , Suffolk

'' I have been visiting Lorna for a year and she is by far the best massage therapist I have found in my search for help easing my back and neck pain. Lorna offers remedial and relaxing massage both which I have found to be highly effective in soothing pain and improving my wellbeing. Lorna is highly skilled, caring and compassionate and she very quickly became an essential part of my health care ! ''

J Anderson Craig , London

Body Sense

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Body Sense Menu

Massage Therapy



Massage Therapy is believed to be one of the oldest forms of Bodywork. Combining long flowing movements - deep tissue and trigger point techniques Body Sense Massage Therapy releases tension patterns commonly held in the Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Legs & Feet. receiving a regular massage supports muscular tension, improving digestion and sleep patterns and improving circulation. As stress levels reduce the Body and Mind become calmer, space and expansion is awoken from deep within the Body Matix, allowing individuals to access their own inner life force and vitality.

Myofascial Release



Fascia is a three dimensional fibrous network that weaves itself throughout the Body - surrounding and supporting all muscles, organs and bones right down to a cellular level. In its healthy state fascia is flexible and has free movement but tension in the body due to poor posture, injury, surgery or emotional trauma causes the fascia to lose its pliability leading to restriction. Body Sense Myofascial Release is a gentle but powerful form of Bodywork which unwinds these tension patterns and restores function on a multi dimensional level. MFR involves using gentle but sustained pressure to allow the fascia to elongate and restore itself to a healthy position. Treatments don't require the use of oils or creams and combine well with other treatments in the Body Sense range.

Energy Healing



Energy Healing draws upon the universal 'chi' or Life energy that infuses and supports all living beings. This potent and abundant life force energy supports the Body, Mind and Spirit in recharging low energy reserves and restoring positive flow. It helps reduce stress, supports healing and guides the whole body system to relax, unwind and restore equilibrium. Body Sense Energy Healing connects into the innate Bodymind intelligence of the individual. Working with the meridian pathways and chakra energy centres, subtle changes and releases gently activate to help free restrictions held within the Body matrix promoting a sense of well being and ease.

Pregnancy Massage



Pregnancy Massage is offered during 2nd and 3rd trimesters to help alleviate the common muscular stresses that pregnancy places on a woman through extra weight bearing and hormonal changes. Using adapted techniques and positions to maximize comfort and relaxation, Body Sense Pregnancy Massage offers women therapeutic treatments within a grounded and nurturing space where she can be truly present and connected to herself and her unborn baby.

Sound Balancing



The sound frequencies produced by the Mid and Low Ohm tuning forks (136.10kz & 68.05kz) are resonant with the Earth Tone of this planet. Ohm is universally considered a sacred and healing sound, that helps to restore harmonious flow through its calming, grounding and energizing tone. The gentle sound currents are carried through the whole body system through placement on tight muscles, joints, tendons,bones and tissues as well as reflex, trigger and acupuncture meridian points. Receiving a Body Sense Sound Balance helps realign us to our true Source Vibration - offering relief to sore aching muscles & mental stress.

Hot Stone Treatments



Hot Stone Massage offers a deeply grounding and relaxing way to experience Massage Therapy involving up to 56 smooth volcanic basalt stones which have been gently heated in water. The stones are held in the palms of the hands and massaged along the Body - directing heat from the stones into the muscles where they can be softened, stretched and relaxed. 

Body Sense Hot Stone Treatments are really beneficial if you prefer a gentle but effective massage but may find regular deep tissue work too strong.