Step Into Your Own Vastness - Infinity Sleeps Within You


Igniting the Sacred Feminine Fire

Shakti Rising - 6 Week Course

What is Shakti ? -  it is the Sacred Creative Fire, the Eternal She that burns bright at the very core of our Being, the radiant energy of Life itself. It is the feeling of Joy that comes from living a life in true alignment with our heart's desire, the warmth from within that radiates when we are in the Flow.

Shakti Rising is a 6 week immersion - a brief but potent moment in time where you can connect with the Sacred Feminine within yourself. A place where we will travel into the inner landscapes of our own Body - for it is here where  Life can be fully met, seen and nourished. 

Shakti Rising is a sacred medicine space where you will learn about your own energetic anatomy and how to open & connect to it's wisdom - it is a rekindling of the Circle of Woman where you will be able to share and practice together in the spirit of sisterhood. 


Course Details

Shakti Rising 


April 25th - May 30th

7.00pm - 8.30pm

£150.00 per person

at The Natural Health Centre Thoroughfare



01394 380580

Please email or call the Natural Health Centre Reception to registar. Spaces are limited so early booking is advisable

Course Content


What is Shakti - how to stay connected

What happens to a woman when she loses connection to her true nature

How to feel the pulse of your own vibration

How to quiet the mind so the body can awaken

Living in alignment - As within so without

Cultivating balance in an unstable world - maintaining connection with the inner life

The chakras

Energy flowers of your body - how to open their sacred petals

Vocal toning

Working with sacred sound and the 6 healing frequencies of the body organs

The Love that lives within you

Meeting the Cosmic Mother - a Journey into the Infinite Womb