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Woman Wise Body Consciousness Practice

Sacred Feminine Health & Healing

The Woman Wise model of holistic healthcare supports women to become empowered in their own bodies wisdom and to honour their personal cycles and passages through womanhood. I offer a blend of ancient body work practices and complimentary medicine therapies that assist a woman in becoming more in tune with her Body and aligned to her own personal health goals. It has been my observation from many years in private practice that what most women want when facing personal health issues is a place where they can talk through their health concerns often at length if they so wish -  in a non judgemental  space,  where they can feel supported to make good decisions for themselves and receive treatments that nourish and support her going forward.

Taking back responsibility ( the ability to respond ) is a vital power to be recovered from within herself if a woman wants to feel truly embodied -  Thus the Woman Wise programme draws upon established complimentary  medicine practices as well as the  ''forgotten'' ancient arts of sacred feminine healthcare to support a woman's Body , Mind and Soul - these can be used as single treatments in their own right or blended in combination with each other. 


  • Massage Therapy 
  • Guided Body Meditations
  • Woman Focused Healing Practices 
  • Women's Tao Tantra  
  • Energy Healing 
  • Ohm Tuning Fork Sound Balancing 
  • Oracle Card & Tarot Readings
  • Personal Mentoring 

As women living within female bodies - we embody sacred feminine energy as our natural core state and when this life giving force becomes stuck, closed off or is not given a place to fully exist within the psyche then imbalances begin to form within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. Eventually this ripples out and impacts our world, affecting health, well being and relationships.

The sacred feminine presence in the life of Woman has historically been banished, sacrificed, destroyed or defiled. There were high costs involved in being a woman who spoke her truth, shared her wisdom, who went against the patriarchy or showed loving appreciation to her own body or that of another woman - and yet within cultures that respected and held women as wisdom keepers and natural healers - where medicine women, warrior women and the sacred temple women were honored, peace and harmony reigned. In these matrifocal societies women were held as sacred expressions of the Divine Feminine, walking alongside men as equals who were honored in their own right as living expressions of the Divine Masculine - Life was honored as Sacred with no separation between the seen and unseen worlds.  

What is observed today is that within societies where medicine is practiced in a holistic context people enjoy better health and longevity. Here in our western culture we excel at life saving medicine but still mostly operate from a Cartesian model of health care, where the body is seen mainly as a physical entity and like a machine is made up of separate parts and components - in contrast with a holistic perspective which acknowledges the emotional, mental and spiritual 'bodies' of a person, and come together in a co creative dynamic. Woman Wise seeks to readdress the balance that has been lost within women's health care, and offers a holistic framework in which we can return to our true sacred feminine nature.   

Please note that treatments are offered in context to compliment and work with any orthodox medical support you may be receiving. Woman Wise does not intend to seek, diagnose or replace other therapies or protocols which you may be receiving.


Woman Wise

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Woman Wise at The Natural Health Centre